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Whimsys Jewels

Gemstone Stud Earrings

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Amethyst is such a well known and loved stone. This beautiful violet gem represents anxiety relief. Its purple hues are irresistable!

Material:  Amethyst Stone with Stainless steel posts (led & nickle free) 

Earring Size: 10 mm 

Cherry Quartz, what a beautiful pink stone! The stone represents love for others and love for self. This warm pink stone is also the perfect addition to a summer outfit.

Snythetic Turquoise. The stone known for being the rage absorber. This beautiful blue and marble effect stone is such a popular stone amongst our Whimsy's customers. 

Green Onyx Agate. This stunning gemstone is the symbol of rest and purity. It is known as the soothing stone. And of course it's pretty with its deep vibrant greens.