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Lampe Berger

Immersion Lamp

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Trusted in homes across the world Lampe Berger/Maison Berger Paris uses its expertise to strengthen your well-being, by taking care of indoor air. Originally designed in 1898 by pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger to purify the air in hospitals. Today those same purifying actions are used for home use by destroying malodorous molecules combined with a boost of the finest fragrance. This Lampe Berger line is cherished by home cooks worldwide as it removes unwanted cooking odors from the air. 

The Maison Berger Catalysis Immersion, nature conveys its highlights under the graceful eye of the creator Rozenn Mainguené. Past the valley, it influences us to find a careful woods set on a pretty bed of greenery. This lamp offers an ideal harmony between the dependability of an oval shape, the alleviation of a wave in movement, the agelessness of gray foam. The silver metal ball mount gives only the appropriate measure of value.